How would you ever guess.
2004-03-29 21:33:40 (UTC)

The update

Damn, its been a while. I shall now update you on whats
the fu** is going on in my life. After josh and i broke up
it turned out that he had a new girlfriend and basically
wanted nothing to do with me. I was a little bitter for a
while there.
So I finished school and did what i needed to do and i
then decided that i was going to move to Arkansas to live
with my sister because i really just couldnt deal with NH
That soon changed also. After making all the plans and
everything, i decided that i wanted to live at home
andthat i would only go to Arkansas for a month or so.
My friends had a "going away" party for me which KICKED
ASS!! we had a blast, i think i was drunk in the first 20
min. It was a good time. I guess i yelled at Jay for
talking shit to Kim. And i talked shit to some chick that
i had no clue who she was and i really didnt know why she
was at my party. It was fun though.

So Heath and i have been hanging out a lot lately. im so
into him its not even funny. I like him a lot!! He's a
cool kid and hes really nice. He text messages me everyday
while im here....just to say Hi or something sweet like
that. Hes a keeper thats for sure. Now i just have to get
the boy to not be so damn shy. We kissed once and it was
like pulling teeth. I had to kiss him!! who does that??

We have a good time together though...we got 4 wheelin in
his truck!! yeah its a good time. We brought Stacey one
night and Kim another...oh yeah. Some night Im going to
make him just take me and we are going to go parkin...haha
am i corupting or what. I love it!

So yeah times here in Arkansas are umm interesting to say
the least. Its fu**ing hot out side. Erika and i layed out
in the sun today for a a sunburn!! woo hoo. i
cant wait to get home! 22 more days

im out!

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