My Party Life
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2004-03-29 20:52:21 (UTC)

Day Before Yesterday

First off I would like to say my niece was born yesterday
which was Reena's birthday. Her name is Justice. Aight
the day before yesterday, I saw Chris cute self and I was
in Caitlin house. He took off my hat and started playing
with it and I was trying to get it back. When I came out
of the bathroom to fix it he stopped me from goin' in the
room all cute! Anyway and I told him...
Me: Walk yo puppy.
Chris: You walk it.
Me: Can I?
Chris: If you want to.
Me: Ok...
Chris: I'm just playin' you don't have to walk him.
ME: I want to.
Chris: Ok -he gets the leash and takes me around to the
back- You sure?
Me: Yea!

That was so cute and he has that ilicious voice omg!