my diary that i write in when im bored,
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2004-03-29 20:39:10 (UTC)

howdy ho neighbor. ette.

hey. so. im at beccas. dakota's so cute she's over there
playin playdough and just talkin away. she's almost 2 *yay*
her birhtdya is saturday. shawns is thursday. i forgot
untill just now that i told him id c if i could hang out
with him. i told him we should c a movie or go to the mall
or something lol. i dont wanna be home and have to wrestle.
i really hate it. any way yesterday at church *sigh* i will
never not be tormented. susu gave me an attitude bcuz(get
thid) if i lift my arms up, my belly would show!! i dont
lift my arms up y the heck does that matter!!!!! so she was
all like "o we're going to have to take up an offering to
buy you a full length slip since u won't get one. im like
dang it the ladys in this church suck. its so disturbing.
where is it thety're right to tell m off for wearing what i
wanr to wear? i was even dressed up for churchit was a
dressy shirt and a dressy skirt! its not like i was wearing
jeans! i think they just have it out for me. y dont they
just kill me and get it over with? what do they think that
does for my self esteem? *sigh* i hate my life sometimes. a
lot of the time. im off b4 i blow up.

p.s. dang it all my belly was NOT SHOWING!

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