My boring, sad, and messed up life
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2004-03-29 20:32:18 (UTC)

Im gonna kill........

Omg today in gym i was hit in the face wit the
ball....that hurt. then in spanish gay ass fuck richard
called my cell phone and stupid me forgot to turn it
down....and it rang really loud. im just so glad miss
beveridge didnt do nethin about it! im gonna kill richard
for doin it and justin for given him my number

on a funnier jessica s. told me somethin in
lunch that made my day! she told me that she had a scratch
n sniff thong that smelled like bananas! at that time i
was eating a banana so i dropped it. then i sid...may i
ask wat they're made of.....and she just laughed. then she
said she had one that smelled like strawberries. then
nicole said somethin that im not gonna repeat! lol

o and sean was listenin to this is awww. lol

o ya and i think that operation corey/kristin unite should
be scrubbed!

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