The Real Me
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2004-03-29 19:53:41 (UTC)

First time ever

I'm suprised to say this has never happened to me before,
you of thunk it would of but never...

I went to te bank today to cash my $35 check from the
refund from the state woohoo! When the teller asked for my
license. Your license is suppose to expire on your
birthday. Well being a leap year baby, mine expires on
March 1, 2006 cuz there is no February 29th in 2006. The
teller walks away with my license, i'm confused cuz i have
no idea what would be wrong. She comes back and says this
is suppose to expire on your birthday. and i was liek yah,
thinking she meant that it had expired already and i was
like wait it's only 2004 it hasn't. She's proceeds to tell
me something is wrong with my license (i think she thought
it was a fake id) cuz it expires on March 1st. I proceed
to tell her that no, since i'm a leap yr baby that i have
no birthday in 2006 so it has to expire on 2006. She is
still puzzled. I'm like woman...it's legit. Finnaly she
gets the picture and gives me my damn money. I thought
that was quiet comical, nothing like that has ever

I took Kali to the hospital this afternoon, her spleen is
enlarged but when we got there they didn't do ne thing.
But i called into work so i could take her...which also
gives me the afternoon to be able to catch up on massive
amounts of homework.

Josh messaged me yesterday(ex bf, well kinda we were
together for 2 weeks), i duno why, kinda outta the blue,
and now he keeps messaging me, i duno why, but its ok.
Kinda weird talkin to him he keeps flirting and saying
sexual things to me. I duno what he expects but theres
nothing there.

Al and i talked last night, Were just gonna be friends for
the time being. His schedule is mad busy and theres just
no time for anything. And our schedules jsut don't match.
I'm glad we well be friends for the time being, he's a
great guy.

I put myself back up on hotornot. i duno why, i guess i
got bored or something. We'll see how it goes.

Missed some classes today..opps. Something about me
working and having classes at the sametime i feel the need
to skip a class or two. I duno why.

Josh said he read my journal last night, commented that my
month sucked. I didn't think it was that bad, i actaully
think its' been pretty normal, for me anyways. Maybe it's
my whole life sucks? hmm...

The life of Heidi Fleiss is on tonight, i'm looking
forward to that, looks like a good movie

i guess i'm out to do some homework...

luv ya rach

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