Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2004-03-29 16:48:06 (UTC)

what happened to long weekends?

So this weekend was not that great and didn’t feel that
We played 2 shows with the combined attendance of possibly
200 people we sold no merch, and made enough money just to
pay for the U-haul we rented and burnable CD’s I had
already purchased. Which really sucks because the whole
reason we are playing shows right now is to make some money
for recording. We originally were just going to write
songs, record and then play shows. But we love playing,
thought some people might actually like to see us between
now and then, and thought we might be able to make some
The show on Thursday had the most people but no one of them
came close to stage sang along with the songs or anything…
the just stood and stared. And then the show Saturday…well
that show we got royally SCREWED. The advertisements for
the show said the show started at 6pm…and if that was so
then why did we go on at 5:15pm? They wanted us to go on at
4:30pm so yeah we played for about 10-15 people. What was
good though is they were there to see us. They stood up
front, sang the words the whole time and looked interested
so that was cool.
OK on top of all that add that Shaunna got in a wreck, and
had her ceiling cave in her room at her apartment (house)
I did work on Treys new album with him, which I am really
excited about and glad that I get to be a part of it.
We go in the studio on the 25th of April and start making
our next album and the new songs we are going to record, I
think is some of the best stuff we have ever written. I am
really excited and I can’t wait to see what everyone else
I did get to see Phantom Planet play and they were awesome…
a little cheesy here and there but over all amazing.
And our party went off well.
Yesterday was the highlight of the weekend: good food, good
friends, and good times.
Jon and I can Grill out it is official
And Jon and Shaunna can cook.
OK now I must work but I will leave you with my reviews
MOVIES: Gothika (kinda sucked…just seemed like it gave it
all away too quickly.)
Dawn Of The Dead (ok this one Rocks)
CD’s: I have been getting new CD’s like crazy:
Oasis – Greatest Hits (I made it of course it’s awesome)
Weezer – Blue Album Deluxe edition (ok one of the best
albums ever and now with unreleased music and b-sides…a
dream come true)
The Vines – The Winning Days (1st listen I hated it and now
it’s growing on me)
Guns ‘N’ Roses – Greatest Hits (better than I thought…
except there are too many covers)
Here Comes the Metric System (I love this band)
Pedro The Lion – Achilles’ Heel (the CD so far is good I am
glad there are harmonies again)
The Party People – My My EP (Rock N Roll with a Dennison
Marrs Flare)
Starflyer 59 – I Am the Portuguese Blues (YES)
Ash – Intergalactic Sonic 7”(ok this is very close to what
the Weezer album is…the greatest hits of an amazing Europe
band along with b-sides and never released songs
BOOKS: yeah I haven’t had time to read I did start Journey
to the Center of the Earth – Jules Verne