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2004-03-29 16:07:30 (UTC)

I don't know.

What is going on? Me, nothing much, just here with my
babe at the school's computer lab thingie. So hows
everything out there in computer land? Stuff here is going
pretty smoothly. We've been going out all this month. We
went like three times to the club this week. We came back
home almost at 2 in the morning yesterday and Im like so
tired, not tired but sleepy. My eyes got even more smaller!
Anyways, on Saturday, Laura and I hit the 1 year, 1 month.
Pretty good feeling. :) I LOVE YOU MUM! Shes right next to
me but she'll read this later, I know her already. I didn't
go to work yesterday, didn't feel like it. Today, most
likely going to go to class, don't know yet. Lets see, what
is the scoop, oh yeah! I had the guts to call Tabitha's
sister. I spoke a little to her mom too. Wow, long time no
talk. Just wanted to say hey and see how they were. I've
been meaning too since when I heard that her dad died. He
was so cool. Anyways, unto something else, we might
transfer schools. So um yeah. Damn, I've been meaning to
write on this for the longest time and now I don't know
what to write about. Forget it, I don't want to break my
skull for this shit. Too sleepy. Ok well bye! I LOVE YOU


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