2004-03-29 09:49:47 (UTC)

rise or just used?

So promotion at last. Well not before christmas as
promised. An evil twist as somehow one never did any good
at the four hour interview and other position was made for
one who had left the flock. So after four hours trying to
prove you are capable then six months acting before having
to challenge the rest of Australia for the position. The
bitter taste in the mouth is only $10 a week pay rise.
After eight years there is a $10,000 pay rise if one is
still around. The hidden agenda was to remove our
position. They will eventually but the work will be passed
down to those who earn less money. Its amazing how quickly
they give you the responsibilty of the work and how slow
they are in paying you for your effort.
As they say the boss looks down and sees all these smiling
faces but the workers look up and only see one arsehole.