DiNaH says...
2004-03-29 05:10:06 (UTC)

shadow died of depression

she started acting weird since the last moments of my
father. and when ama died, she was so affected. she hardly
eats, she hardly shows enthusiasm. i could tell something's
wrong, but there was nothing i can do. i was in the same
boat with her, only, she wasn't afraid to show it.

i miss her... she was playful and cuddly. she was sweet and
i think the best dog i've ever had.

shadow died yesterday... another loss i have to bear.

i love to work. i need to be productive and busy. but i am
having trouble with myself. my brain’s not functioning well
lately. i need to unwind, to relax and to give myself
enough time to fix my life. i need a break! i don’t wanna
end up like shadow who died because she can’t bear losing
her owner. of course i’m way too different from my dog, but
if dogs have feelings, humans are more prone to emotional
breakdowns, ‘cause we’re more emotional than animals. am i
making sense? can anybody please enlighten me? how could i
be able to cope up with such harshness in life?

should i take some time off and leave my job for a while?
should i find another one? i don’t know what to do right
now. all i know is that i can’t allow losing my reputation
and go insane infront of the whole world!

am losing touch, i can’t even spell right. i can’t think of
a good title for a stupid article from a stupid writer who
writes articles and doesn’t write its fucking title. ooops!
that’s not me talkin’! am not really like this cursing
people and saying bad things about them. but this fuckin’
job is making me crazy! it’s making me do this and say
things i was never used to utter. and right now i don’t
even know if my grammar is right!