rational thoughts illude me
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2004-03-29 04:25:16 (UTC)

rain shower

Today there was the most pleasent rain shower. It was so
perfect. First the sky became all clouded. The clouds were
an array of colors from dark dark grey to the light fluffy
white. It was so pretty. Then the rain came falling to
earth ever so lightly. Suddenly it began building and
building! There wasn't much thunder and even less
lightning. But it was still wonderful. As if Mother Nature
was saying "wake-up!" to the world after it wonderful
winter nap. Things are looking very green now. Its really
Tonight while i was walking with Tracy, i was admiring the
stars in the heavens when i noticed a ring around the moon.
it was really cool. we both marveled at it. It was so
nifty. I'm not sure what the ring was though. I couldn't
tell if it was clouds or what. It was very interesting.

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