Baby Doll

'Tha Blonde Goddess'
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2004-03-29 02:21:25 (UTC)

last day of spring break

*cough* *cough* i cant go to school tomorrow *cough* im
sick with spring break syndrome....*dang* didnt work. oh
well. i cant wait to see *in order of when i'll c them*
alan, ashleigh, sabs, amanda, matt, john P, kim, crystal,
lindsay, janet, ian, steph, jay, richard, christian,
carrianne, lizzy, tara, jose, sharna, gina, tc, jason K,
and nathen. ITS GONNA BE SOO COOL! i cant wait..i miss all
my friends. i cant live w/o a lot of them for long...but
some i cant live with out i dont c cody,
rick, gabe, heather, missy, josh, thomas, chris, paige,
angel, katie (at times when shes not busy pissin me off),
jessica, reagan, rob, grant, and the other josh (S). sooo