goddess of imaginary light
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2004-03-29 02:20:20 (UTC)

random shit

its sunday night and im writing a paper
have to study for my spanish test for tomorrow....
last night i ended up hangin out with brian
i really have no clue as to what he wants...
well, i do, its what all guys want...
still trying to figure out if theres anything more...
im not very hopeful
last night Tom got in some trouble, not cool
he doesnt deserve that shit...
but i went by to say hi, stacy was there
greg was drunk and knocked over the hookah!
so stace and i went back to jordans room to
watch a movie...greg called and kept trying
to get us all to come back to his room for a movie..
but we know what he hook up with
stacy again....but buddy! come on! it was a one night
stand get over it, she doesnt want to deal with you...
if she did you would have heard from her a long time ago!!
i went to bed and didnt watch the movie..
watched gothica and the crush today with the girls...
just takin a break from the actually has gone
fast...i started at five and its 620....i just need to
talk about darwin and write a conclusion...
sweet ass!! writing papers arent hard just fuckin long!
yeah, ok, paper, *sigh*, just get it over with