Day Dreams and Reality
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2004-03-29 02:10:21 (UTC)


Its March 28 and i am April Foster,
I am 17 and live in a blink once youll miss it kind
of town. Growing up here you have to learn a few things
1) if you dont want people to know then dont do it.
2) if you dont do it youll regret it.
I know i know i am only 17 what do i know. Well i
think i know alot. To keep you up to what i am goin
through...it will take awhile but here goes.....Liz,
Ashley, Erin, and Adam are my best friends. Ashley is
datin my so called brother Riley (i grew up with him and
James who i also consider my brother but james has this
thing for me that i wouldnt be surprized if he beets off
on the thought of me each night(wow thats a bad thought))
i was the one that set them up(Ashley and riley). Last
week i found out that Ashey considers herself a nympho her
and riley have sex nonstop. Erin lost it to her boyfriend
last year when he graduated. And Liz well she lost it
when she was what 13 behind a church..Kate lost it to a
guy at a party, holly lost it with joel before they were
even dating and last week sam lost it to her boyfriend
(they have been datin for about 3 weeks). As i see it i
will be a vergin till i am ready but i dont know when that
will be. Last week Erin and Kate bet me 10 buck each that
i will lose it befor i leave high school. what a great
thing to do huh. See there is this guy that i like his
name is Paul he likes me to but he lives so so far away.
Hes a really nice hot guy and he left his ex well i kinda
helped with that lol. And theres Adam my best friend see
i had the biggest crush on him and because he has a girl
friend he became my best friend...best friend with
benefits. i know i know thats not good but i cant help it
i just end up with guys that already have girls but i
tryed to break it off with Adam i did and now i have Paul
witch is even better and alot hotter. But Paul hes well
shy when it comes to...sex. I like that kinda but i
really really like it when guys takes over thats why it
was fun with Adam. But me and adam cant be and well i dont
think he sees that cause he still trys to get me alone but
i always make up a reason not to be...one of these times i
am goin to break. last time i was alone with adam i kinda
didnt want to be there but when it started i couldnt tell
him no cause i dont want him to hate me thats why i dont
want to give him a chance for it to happen again. see
when it first happened we were under a blanket at another
friends (wow right) then again in the backset of the car
when james was driving.. see those are all places he cant
say anything you know he cant make noises....well the last
time it was in his car he was takin me home and just wopse
drove past my house.......and hes alot different then the
guys i have ben with he makes alot of weird noises. Yeah
that was a different change lol. sex and everything else
is just so confusing. but all i know is that i really
really like Paul right now and if i had to pick someone to
have sex with right now it would be him and i might get to
see him this week.....maybe maybe ha i never thought of
that.. well i will keep you posted on that