confessions of a never ceasing mind
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2004-03-29 01:34:35 (UTC)

Bring me to Life

wake me up inside, it is cold and dark inside of me, I am
falling into the dark prison of my you hear me?
Do you care? I reach out my hand, reaching to you, catch
me, save me, don't let the dark prison that is my mind take
me into it.

Reach out your hand, take mine in your own. Pull me into
the light, pull me the safe place in your arms. Hold me,
tell me all is safe and it is over, that you are there.

Let me tell you how I long for your tender kiss, your warm
embrace. Let me wrap my arms around you, don't pull away,
don't turn from me. Don't be afraid, I am here.

I know the road, this path is dark and we can stumble we
can fall, but I can catch you should you stumble, I can
tend to the the hurts that the road has already placed on
your heart. As you can do for my scarred and weathered

Look into my eyes, look into my soul, make me feel alive,
stir the sleeping soul, stir the dead embers of my heart.
Can you hear me at all? Or shall I fall into the prosin of
my mind? She all I fade away into the night? Will my
heart's cry be torn from my lips by the wind? Will my
scream fade into the night unheeded?

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