my life sux
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2004-03-28 23:04:29 (UTC)

Med changes with more seizures and E/R visits

Hello Diary,
On the 18th I had a mammogram at Emory had a seizurese and
ended up with a terrible migraine.
So I ended up in the E/R.
The following Monday I had I went back finished up my
I saw Dr.Hedaya he upped my felbatol told him I was dizy a
lot he decreased my Topamax from 700MG a day to 600MG a day
I go down 25MG a week.
My seizures do seem to be doing better though.
SO I do hope the Felbatol is the one for me?
I'm still getting nauseas from the felbatol which I could do
without actually.