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2004-03-28 21:13:08 (UTC)


there is one thing about being a senior that seems to
bring me down.... senioritis

everyone seems to think they have senioritis i think,
people tend to get lazy, especially 2nd semester... but
man, it is REAL hard to get motivated when u know that all
u really gotta do is graduate... cuz ur already goin
somewhere when ur done. i never thought i'd get like
this!!! but i am gonna set some goals for myself anyways,
and try to reach them so i am not a big dissappointment to
myself in my LAST SEMESTER here at muskingum. :) go me!!!

so.... i really like sundays now... bec. that is the day
that i don't follow my lentin commitment (no coffee!!)
and i think i am gonna try to talk jaime into going to the
coffee shop "cool beans" in cambridge for a little bit...
it's amazing how this is the greatest happiness of my day

so i ran in a track meet here @muskieville yesterday...
thanks to everyone that came to watch!!! it went ok :) i
have alot of work to do still, but u know, it's just nice
to have fun and do the best i can right now for my senior
year :) life isn't too bad

much love
urs truly