Living Is a Hard Thing To Do
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2004-03-28 20:54:17 (UTC)

It's been a year

it's been a year since i have written...Matt and i dated
fer almost a year...I love him..i always will. i ended up
losing my virginity to him, yet i dont regret it the least
bit...then i dated andrew and then rickie and now i'm
talking to a guy named chris. My mom is doing better. The
cancer moved to her liver but they're still doing chemo.
They had to change the type, however, because she wasn't
responding to the other stuff anymore.
I got accepted to the college I've always wanted to go to,
so in August I'm leaving for Knoxville to go to the
University of Tennessee. I know I'll be homesick. I'm just
a little Missouri chick. But i think i'll be happy there.
and i have to get away from things here. Erica has a
boyfriend and they've been together almost 4 months...she's
definitely basically stopped talking to me. I hate it too
because I AM leaving soon and I don't want to throw away a
wonderful friendship over a boyfriend...but anyway, i'll
probably write again. but bye fer now.

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