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2004-03-28 20:38:31 (UTC)

NOVEMBER 23rd 2001 1

2001-11-22 17:20:22

#...11? Happy Thanksgiving

11:oo AM

Guten Tag! Well, today is thanksgiving... so happy
thanksgiving everyone... even though i dont think its that
big of a deal! Today I got up at 9, took a shower, and got
ready to leave. We are going to Illionois to my aunt and
uncles house today with my whole (grantparents etc) family.
The only peopel who will not be there are my aunt and uncle
and cousins who live in Texas, and my grandpa who lives in
Florida. Hes the only one left that my dad has, and i feel
bad for my dad, because my grandpa mdoesnt really care
about him alot. but anyway, I'll be going there, eating
turkey and watching football and sitting until I get home
around 11 PM, fun fun fun ...but anyway, I got to wear my
cool pants that fade from blue to white and have studs down
the sides and bottom, and a white long sleeve shirt with a
blue 3 quarter sleeve shirt over it .. it looked good, and
of course my mom tells me she doesnt like my shirt, well
whats new, everythigns always fine except the shirt.. you
know? so NOW i'm wearing this dumb striped sweater thats
ugly, and it has offwhite in it, and my pants are white...
it looks SO STUPID! Thank god it's only my family I'm
seeing, I hate it when my mom forces me to wear gy looking
clothes (hey bryan - this sweater is somethign I "WANT" to
lose lol) anyway, i guess thats about it for now, i'll
probally be home around 11PM, or 10, Thank the lord I dont
have school for 3 more days!

Things I am thankful for:
1. My family. even though sometimes I say I don't like them
and could live without them, truth is, I couldnt.
2. My friends - I don't think I could begin to think of
what my life would be like without my friends... ALOT of
them I could live without, but some of them, have been
there for me the whole time they've known me.
3. Music.
5. School... yeah yeah, I'd be dumb if I didn't go..
6. My life.. sure it sucks majorly but you know...

"I don't think you trust, in, my, self rightious suicide.
I, cry, when angels deserve to die." ~System
(As if you didn't know.)