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2004-03-28 20:22:56 (UTC)

NOVEMBER 22nd 2001 3

2001-11-22 06:46:37

#11 People....

There's lots of different people out there in the world..
the 2 people I hate most would have to be Josh S - he has
been man to me in the past, and had NEVER appologized or
stopped. Andrew L - he hurt me like I have never been hurt
before. People I trust with my life - Bryan - if theres
something i cant tell anyone else, i can always tell him.
Kevin - of course i trust him with my life, the trust has
to be there.. sad, I can no trust my near friends, distance
makes you work harder at something... makes you realize
what you have... makes you realize you can not just five
up, you cant let it go, you cant stop, you cant lay back
and watch it get done for you. you have to get up and do it
yourself, and if you dont want to, then its not gonna work
out. There... Well I have to go to bed now, its 12:44 AM
and I am supposed to go to bed at 1, cuz im still sick.. so
goodnight everyone, and happy thankgiving... MISTY911
Today I let Bryan read my Diary. I trust him, and he
understand me. I hope he likes it.