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2004-03-28 19:06:14 (UTC)

Justifiabily Shattered and Happy :D

Saturday 20th-
Today I went to Derens house for his 20th. I got ready to
go around 7ish and 10 min later I get a knock on the door.
Amy came around to go together along with Mike, Sam and
Emily to his.
We got there before 10 and already I was greeted by a few
people there. As soon as I went in I said hi to Del and
wished him a happy birthday. The house was bombarded by so
many people, his family were mainly in the kitchen and a
separate sitting area, whereas the living room had all the
furniture moved. In that room was a little table with
drinks and all around the wall was pictures of Deren, from
him as a baby all to the present day (what a poser ¬_¬). I
said hi to people I recognised- Kayan, Monica, Jaime,
Sarah, Daniel (slapped him as soon as I saw him), Kerry and
whoever else. The garage was where the music was and thats
where I was headed to. I spoke to alot of people that night
and made alot of conversation with Derens friends. One
person that stood out was Emma. She had this pink top and a
low cut denim skirt, she really stood out from the crowd
and she was fantastic. She was bitching about Kerry and I
was just laughing with her. She was telling me why she
doesn't get on with Kerry and by the end of the night I
kinda see why. I had the odd "convo" with him and his
family and spoke about the house and Deren =p. Earlier that
night I introduced Michael to Kayan in a funny and
unflattering way. The rest of the night I didn't really pay
attention to what was going on around me, but one thing I
did notice- the asbsence of both Kayan and Michael. Hmm...
I was looking around for them in the usual places, the
bedrooms :D but they weren't to be found. Sam asked me to
go check up on them thinking they were in his car. I went
outside to see what they were doing and lo and behold- the
car was missing. Hmmm.
Well I went back in and had a few more drinks and talked to
a few more people, went back in the garage and spoke to a
few more people then continued dancing. Eventually Michael
and Kayan came back and he told me that they're going out
with eachother now. It didn't really take long for Michael
to work his magic did it? =p. We continued to chat and just
basically having a good time. It was fantastic, I really
enjoyed myself even though I didn't really speak to Deren
that much, though I was chatting to his family and they
were like "oh you're Thai. Deren has told me much about you
¬_¬." We left there around 1ish, Amy just talked to much to
these guys and wouldn't go =p, Emily was fucked out of her
head (not to mention that she was kinda ill beforehand),
Sam was talking rubbish and Michael well, was an extremely
happy man =p. I was tired, knackered, drunk and oh well the
usual. Overall good job Deren, see you soon ;)