Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2004-03-28 18:49:12 (UTC)

Beer Or Coffee - You Decide....

1. Pubs - frequent, serve alcohol, don't frown on smoking.
Good for socialising, but...I find the quiet ones are the
better ones to sit and chat. These, though, are more
generally populated with older people and are more
difficult to get to. Not being a clubber at large, I find
noisy places more difficult - I feel very self-conscious,
as I CLEARLY don't fit in there, nor have any desire to -
and so tend to stick to the out-of-town things. It doesn't
help that I can't really drink spirits...

Ultimately, if I'm in a pub, I'll either be sat chatting,
or stood round a games machine losing between 2 and 3
pounds on a TV/Pub crossover.

2. Coffee bars. I really like coffee bars, and, certainly
in Norwich I can use them as meeting places, drop off
points or just somewhere to rest for a wee while. This
becomes more difficult in Huddersfield, where there IS
only one coffee shop, its not particularly handily placed
AND none of my friends are coffee drinkers. I've met
people there from time to time, though.

So what would I prefer? Well, either a coffee shop not on
a Saturday, as the local sixth forms seem to decamp there,
or a very quiet pub.

WILT? Finley Quaye.