Amy Sharpe

Amy Sharpes journal
2004-03-28 18:16:01 (UTC)

...Fuck IT...i hav a new idea...

there's a 3rd option .....

Nathan... the cute guy with musical breasts (he had
speekers up his hoody)and He think's I'm cute ...he's not
a psyco he doesn't do heroine he's NOT ugly nor is he an
ass hole (as far as i know)... He's also younger than me
but not much a year (give or take a few months)
..... So not really my type.... well deffinatly not like
the rest of the psyco's loosers and drug adicts!

so I don't actualy HAVE to choose any of them but if I had
the choice it would be Nathan but we need to get to know
each other a little more

keep the feedback coming :P
amy xxxx

mood: happy
music:the donnas take it off
coments: watch white oleander its gr8