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2004-03-28 17:53:28 (UTC)

Condoms held me back

Me and Adam were talking last night on the phone until
like 2 in the morning. I needed him to get some things out
of my head. Me and Uncle Vaughn watched Cabin Fever and I
had some of those nasty images in my head. so I asked Adam
to talk to me and I was also horny so we started
reminiscing(sp) and talking about what we're going to do
when he gets home. One thing we want to do is relive this
one awesome Wednesday night. This night was the start of
us never using condoms again. I relive that night in every
dream I have. It was so sex I ever had.....
We both said we were really tired and we didn't really
feel like having sex that night. so we just made out and
decided to go to sleep. as soon as I turned out the light
we were making out again. Then I could feel his "Spider-
man nose" (that's what we call it...because of his
spiderman boxers I made him get) down there. but he wasn't
going in all the way he was just teasing me. That felt
sooo good. so we made out some more and he kept on teasing
me. i kept trying to get him to go inside me. then all of
a sudden BAM! he was in. that was the best feeling i've
ever I had never felt that before and
all i could think about was "oh man i hate
condoms...they've been holding me back from the best sex
of my life."