What I really THINK
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2004-03-28 15:26:53 (UTC)

Sunday Morning

i just woke up today. I had to wake up early to resign my
contract for my new car. I was going to go back to bed,
but i'm already up, and i have work at 330. I have class
tomorrow morning and a test to take. I really am hoping
i'll pass. I studied throughout the week. And on
Wesnesday, i have to go to a class and asked to be
dropped. I really don't want to do that, but I don't have
a choice.
I almost got arrested, again, last night. I bought six
packs at a dive bar around my way and went back to my
girlfriends house and a cop pulled right up. Omg i shit my
pants. I had just gotton off other drinking charges from
in january. I was so pissed. The cop ended up letting us
go, because they had to respond to something else or
something, but i definitly didn't stay there at her house.
I'm doing fucking awsome with my bulimia. I only did it
like once this whole week. I think its better this way, i
just eat healthy. I bannaned just about everything
fattening under the sun. Summer time is coming and I want
to look good in a two piece.
Besides that I would definitly say that things are looking
up for me:) i hope everything continues to be the way it is
love me