Brad`s Journal
2004-03-28 02:11:36 (UTC)

I Really Don`t Know What To Call This One..... But Lets try Ex`s

Hello As You Can Tell By the title I don’t what to call
this entry!!! So I picked of the best word to discribe this
entry!! EX`s...

Okay lets see where to start. I will admit I do have
issues Not just any issues It has to do with Romance yes
it’s that big word!!! Not about Romance it self. But things
that go with romance. For example, Hatred, Worrying,
Honesty, Trust, Ect... Well you get the Idea. So where to
Start?? As You Know I have been dating My Women for about 4
Months Now! Things are going good. However as in any
relationship we have problems. For example: Her Ex
Boyfriend Is still calling her. Now She says that it’s only
a friendship thing. See From What I understand they were
best friends before they started going out. But He Treated
her like SHIT!!! And she just recently told me that one of
her other friends told her that her Ex was going to try to
Take her away from me in December when we first started
going out. Now I have NO and I mean NO!! Respect for anyone
who does anything like that. As far as I am concerned He is
Lower then Dirt No No No He is a Bastard Living underneath
the dirt. For even thinking of trying to take My women away
from me. Now My Women does not understand why I get upset
with her ex. She says it is no big deal. Well if you were
me and my Ex kept calling me wouldn’t you get a little
pissed off, Mad, Angry, and Worried. She says that there is
noting going on between them romantically. I will admit
It’s hard to believe that considering that he still calls
and they still talk. There is only one way that I will be
Happy in this situation and that is. When My Women’s EX
Stops calling her and is completely out of her life. That’s
just the way I feel. That will never change. I am Sticking
to this one... I don’t know if it will happen or not. If
not then who knows??? If he does stop calling and is
completely out of her life I will be Very Happy but until
then I will always have that thought in the back of my head
no matter what anyone tells me. That’s just the way I am. I
cannot Change that. I am who I am and I believe what I
believe. But I know one thing for sure and that is. That I
LOVE My Women To Death!!!

"These are the TRUE Feeling of Myself I stand by
everything I say if I did not then I would not write it."


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