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silent wishes
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2004-03-28 01:19:30 (UTC)

well, atleast today was considerably better

i dont know exactly when, but at some point last night i
began to feel as tho i had been ran over by a transfer
truck, my back hurt in places i didnt even know were there.
so about 11 i took some pills and finished watching a movie
called 'Boyz N The Hood'. it was pretty good. i sat around
and waited on nothing in particular until about 12:30 then
finally gave up and went to bed. after getting up 3 or 4
times to fidget with various things until they
were 'perfect', i decided to be still and go to sleep. when
i take pills for my little incessant migrains (whoo!! they
havent bothered me in a while!! yay! now i dont feel like
i'm dying during band class)or for anything else that
hurts, i have some of the strangest dreams. actually now
that i think about it, they're not all that weird, its just
odd that of all things to dream about, it'd be some simple,
common, everyday thing, with some sort of twist so that
when i wake up i cant tell if i dreamed it or it really

i woke up today right as somebody my momma works with
called. it's odd because every time i'm woken up by the
phone ringning i'm up a plit second before it rings. it
rang a couple of times and i laid there wondering why
nobody was answering it, then i remember there wasnt
anybody here but me, so i went to answer it. i have bunk
beds, and i seem to forget this everytime i need to quickly
get off of them. i jumped down and managed to fall and
twist my foot in this really ugly way. but i got the phone,
and thankfully i didnt hurt myself too much. who knows, had
it been any other time and had i not been still almost
asleep, it probably would've hurt. so i went downstairs and
watched tv til my dad came home and we eventually went to
town so he could get his hair cut and i could go waste some
time. i went to this video game store close to wal-mart and
the game i've been wanting. i found it on the internet a
couple nights ago and told my dad who ordered it for me for
my birthday last night and i didnt know it. so i show him
the one in the store and its 25 dollars less and didnt have
to be shipped. he was kinda mad that he'd already ordered
it and decided that he'd cancel the order and probably get
it for me tomorrow.

but i'll finish this later. my boyfriend is still at NERO
(monday, well, tuesday now, cant come quick enough.) and so
there's nobody to talk to and no reason to stay around here
just to sit, so i'm gonna go with my momma and nephew to
stay with my grandma tonight. she's been wanting to see me,
so i figure why not.

forever 17