My life
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2004-03-28 01:11:14 (UTC)

*The new Life*

A lot has changed since the last time a wrote, over a year
has gone by..I'm a totally changed person. I'm over brant,
have been for along time now. I think its funny how you can
like someone for so long and when you move on they want
you..Thats what happened. Well there is a new guy in my
life..Sean Kurr..We've been "together" on and off since
August 1, 2003..go figure with the date. Alyx was dating
this guy Ryan and they were like best friends and something
just clicked..We were doing really good, until he got
arrested. It was this big thing, ryan is a big drug dealer
and was suppose to sale two ounces to this Jim guy but he
couldnt bc he has to go to milton so he told Sean he'd pay
him if he did it..Well SEan did and got screwed in the
process..That was around Thanksgiving, the day before
actually..I dunno after that things just werent the same.
One minute we get along so good. We've had sex once, i stay
the night w/ him every weekend. Marissa is with Jeff
Schenk..well i started to hang out w/ Kari Odom..And I
learned about all the bitches in Gb and mostly all i had
was kari and marissa..and i was okay with that..Well spring
break kari's mom wanted to go to Jamacia to "bond" with was all a lie to send her to this place called
Tranquility bay..I miss her so much. I didn't even get to
say bye to her. Bc I thought she was coming back. I never
see Chris anymore, i dont even remember the last time i saw
him. I really care about Sean, he is 19, costa rican..and
can be a really great guy sometimes, but he has the problem
with ignoring me and then coming up to me later..Like last
night i was leaving and he hugged me and was like your
coming back right, so i did and stayed the night and he
slept on the other couch. AWYA FROM ME! but im gonna write