Amy Sharpe

Amy Sharpes journal
2004-03-27 21:43:02 (UTC)

love confusion

I've ruined every chance of ever getting aaron ('pip')
back! I've made such a twat out of my self! I'll give you
all some advice NEVER EVER decide that acting desperate
will get you anywhere in a relationship. No matter how
desperate you feel DON'T do it!
Ok so I decided last night that it would be a great idea
to tell aaron how much I love him and miss him and how
great he is. Which would all be fine if he felt the same!
But no ... and I knew he didn't but I care about him so
much I didn't know what to do!
Maybe one day we can be good together but even then I
don't know If He's what I want.
I have a choice right now and even though it may not work
out... there are to options even though one of them is not
nessasarily open for the taking RIGHT now.

option one Oz ('ted')
good points: sweet good looking and we have alot in
comon... He plays guitar and sings in a band (distilled
mind) who have so much potensial if only He'd realise that
and realise how good they are they would probably do much
down sides: like alot of rock/metal bands there seems to
be alot of drugs ect... a little to much even for my

opt 2 aaron
well u can see for ur self y thats a shit idea but i
really love him

being with aaron would meen everything to me but wouldnt
help me to get out of melksham (the shity town where i
live) and I've got to get out. Whereas being with Jamie
there's a chance of a rock star lifestyle but the risk of
being broke and getting involved with his endless life

pls help amyxxx

music:none again