Self harming dyke
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2004-03-27 21:03:07 (UTC)


Just had last fitting for bridesmaid dress. was awful. i
look frumpy and fat. and it is costing £140!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ugh. I'm a jeans and jumper girl.

And I had to put it on (ie bearing arms) in front of 6
people. I saw them looking and seeing. and i have loads of
bruises atm to add to scars, cos I have been hitting my
arms a lot. I love my bruises but they do look quite


feel shit.

Off to bed to read Narnia books. And drink my bottle of
Asti that I bought but haven't told parents about.

And am gonna take some chlorpromazine too.

Cos I am like that.

I must try to live in my flat again.

But home is safer despite stuff.

I miss Dom so much. Seeing her on Tuesday after school. I
can't wait. She is so great!

Cat x