the one who got away

lost somewhere inside of me
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2004-03-27 19:52:33 (UTC)


Its been a while. yes? looking back at all the other
entries i have to laugh at myself. so naive and so
rediculously involved in way too much drama. to fill every
one in i got accepted to IUPUIs nursing program and i am
now living in Indianaoplis and loving every minute of it.
well the minutes that dont involve my car being broken
into. lol fun stuff right? things are defintely going
pretty well im further along with school than i thought i
only have 2 classes left for my sophomore year and so i get
to take some fun goof off classes fall semster i dont have
to take summer classes so im looking forward to being able
to go home and help mom anda dad renovate grammas house
no relationship drama other than a young 17 year old that
has a major crush...if anyone has any advice let me know
its definitely a chore to be able to avoid him
he works with me so thats fun....i mean its kinda cute but
annoying as well. well i hope all out there that are
reading this are having a wonderful day and if not yet then
itll only get better :)

love all