Zoey's mamma
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2004-03-27 18:37:06 (UTC)

what i've been up to...

hey everyone how are you guys?... me I'm doing
alright i guess just going on and emotional ride through
hell.... anyway so what have to you guys been thinking
about my past entries...?

Latley i have been doing nothing but hanging out at
my dude Jesse's house... its kinda hard to explain things
between me and him... at times its like we are a couple
but then again we arent... i love him to death and i would
never change anything between me and him if any thing i
would make us closer... if thats possible... i love him
with all my heart and i stay with him all the time
lately.... i think we may even talk about me moving in
there soon... i dont know... its like when we arent around
each other then i feel alone i love being around him i
hate going home... i miss him so much when he isnt right
next to me... i would love to spend the rest of my life
with him... he loves zoey...and she loves him... i want to
be his one and only... but i know he wouldnt marry me...
he isnt the marrying type he doesnt want to be married
ever... he has been engaged twice i guess... both of those
girls messed up his heart so bad he doesnt want to get
married anymore...

Any way other than the above nothing has really been
going on with me i have just been hanging out and doing
nothing... i just got a tanning package... so i can get a
tan... i need it i am the whitest pourto rican you have
ever seen other then christina aguliera...hehe... any
way... well im gonna go for now cause i have other things
to be doing... i'll get back with guys later bye bye..
miss me... love me... bye bye!!!