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2004-03-27 16:35:53 (UTC)


I know I own you the latest stuff about, Tommy, me and
Chris, there has been a change of heart. But there are
something else killing me something right now, something I
need to get out and something I need all the help and
support I can get from you.

I was working today, its Satturday. My boyfriend only work
in weekdays, so he had some time off. He had a appiontment
with his mother, they should meet at this mall near by, he,
his mother and little sister Emma, they usally do it from
time to time, nothing unushall about that.
When I got home from work, this is what Tommy told me: He
has sent a message to his mother and asked when she came,
she answed him and said they where at Emmas grandparents.
(Tommy and Emmma dont have the same father) But she had a
thing with Tommy first! Its not her way of doing things, if
she could not make it to the mall, she would have told him
When it comes to this things, Tommy is the smartest person
I know. He knew his mother would never do something like
this normally. Witch means, this is not a normal day....
He drove up to their appartment, to check that they really
wassnst there,and pressed the bell. No one answerd. Then he
did it agen, and suprise!, tey where all home.
Tommy find out what he had supisud, she had been drinking,
Emmas father to, and he had a friend over.
He asked if Emma wanted to come with her, but no, she was
in a crapy mood agen. He tryed everything, and a while she
would if she could get a Nemo dvd. Tommy said he didnt have
enught monny, he would by her something else, and she could
ask her father for monny to the dvd.
But the had feelt a sleep sitting in a chair!

Tommy went over to his grandmother, she had supisons about
her doughter been drinking, and said she would walk over
later that day.
And thats the end of the story.

Tommy dossnt want to talk about it, Im so sad for Emma
right now. All right she`s not one of my fabortite persons,
to tell you the truth my life would me much easyer with out
her! But she is her, and I dont want her dead or anything,.
and the last thing I want is to her to grow up in a home
like this.
Her mother loves her so much, and she is normally a verry
good mother, but then there are days with drinking...
I asked Tommy to please drive me back agen, we would get
Emma, and I would by her the movie.
We could go to my place, she loves beeing there, and I
could take the day off tomorrow even though I need the
monny, get up in the morning with Emma, so Tommy could
But, no Tommy diddnt wanted to, and he was not going back!
I asked if he was calling hid grandmother to hear how it
went today, but he wassnt, I asked him to please call one
of his aunt. Tommy had perviosly said that maybe she would
yell at his mother the way she deserves.
I asked if he was going back tomorrow, but he didnt know...

I know he`s sad about this, and he probobly want to punich
his mother by not talking to her. She will feel shame and
quilt once sober. But I dunno if he knows that he might be
puniching himself, and Emma even more by doing so..

Right now things are pretty thought at home, my father is
verry sick, but I dont think he`s drinking all that much..
but Im not much home, so I wont say anything for sure. But
at least we have our perfec, and always sober mom.
Emmas mother was ironing drunk, and the father feelt

I could not bare the thought of this, Emmas mother is
probobly escaping her problems with drinking, her father is
not that much of a good person. Tommy is escaping this, by
not talking about it, and I could not just lie on the
couch, knowing the fact that right now, Emma was beeing
taking care off, by her drunk parents, while Tommy was
watching succer.
So I left, now Im escaping, I went to the place I used to
work before. Im gonna try to let the worst feelings away,
and then figure out what to do.

I`ve been asking for advice before on the internet about
Tommys mothers drinking. I feel that since Im not in the
family, I should let they solve it.
But they dont, they just yell at her, nothing more
happends. And Tommy, his grandmother and the aunt that
knows about it, thay just know what to do.
I dont think they`re gonna do anything about this eather. I
want to call the childcostety. Is not like they will come
and take Emma away, they will figure out what is hapning
and then do whats best for Emma.
I feel that I have to do somthing, even thoght Im not the
right person to do it. Im so sad, and later on I have to
get back to Tommy`s. I left the phonebook at the table with
the number of childcostety.
I promise, even though Im not the right person to do so, I
will make sure that Emma dont have to grow up in a home
like this.

Love Angel

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