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2004-03-27 15:44:19 (UTC)

Ugly Naked Guy

So Mr. Hooper, my incredible theater teacher, mentions in
class of an older man in a house right across the street
that likes to work on his roof, get the morning paper, and
stand in his wide open front windows wearing nothing but
an old pair of tennis shoes. "So he's naked?" I said,
intelligently putting two and two together. "Yep," Hoop
said, "butt naked." I wasn't about to be fooled by
another smart-alleck 'Janis' or 'Cathy' trying to take
advantage of my gullibleness, so I laughed at him,
thinking he has just told a really good joke. "No, I'm
serious." he said. I gave him that 'yeah right' look and
thought 'Yeah, and monkeys might flight out of my butt.'
He pointed at where the nakie-house was and I blew it
off. A couple hours later, me and Dana headed to
practice, quickly approaching old naked guy's house. So
naturally I glance to my left to see just how 'un-true'
this was, and low and behold, and old, naked man is
sitting in a recliner in his living room, with the windows
wide open for America to see. WOW. And not only was he
naked--he was ugly too. SO yes, yes folks, Centenary's
got an ugly, naked guy. I'll probably show that to every
recruit from here on out. It adds to the little
excitement that goes on here at Centenary College--and all
8 of us that go here should be fascinated. I went back to
Hooper the next day and told him I'd seen the ol' fart and
that he was right, and asked him what the rule was
on indecent exposure (especially with all the naked roof-
working), and here's what he said, "Well, no one wants to
call the authorities on him because it's just too dadgum
funny." There's ghetto Shreveland for ya. In any
Grapevine neighborhood, that kind of thing wouldn't last a
weekend. I guess I've finally found one decent thing
about Shreveport, it has a sense of humor.

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