The Real Me
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2004-03-27 15:15:30 (UTC)


So here I am...up an hour early for this damn open house
we got going. I thought we had to have our doors open at
10 but i guess it's at 11. whatev...kali and matt r still
snoring, sometimes its cute seeing them sleeping in the
morning (no i'm not pyschotic and stare over them with a
big grin on my face) but then sometimes it's annoying,
sometimes i feel like if i have to be up this early u do
too! so i feel like waking whoever is in the room with me,
but i don't cuz thats just plain mean!

Lil highschoolers walking through our room today, kinda
boring, kinda ammusing at the same time cuz they all look
scared and don't know what to say or do. But i was them
once too.

Last night was interesting. Had alil highschoolers episode
of our own. Serena had 2 friends of hers from job core
come over and there only 17. Yah well...i know i certainly
didn't act like that when i was 17. I had to ask serena to
not come back to the room so Kali could get soem rest.

Al was suppose to come over and watch a movie...well he
did show up only at like 1 am. After waiting til all his
friends left and then i guess his phone died and his tire
went flat so he was gone for a good 2 hours. I must say i
was worried, course i always seem to find myself worrying
about something. So he finally showed up and stayed for
alil while...Poor guy..i feel bad...that was a shitty

Carolynn im'd me last night...now that was just weird. I
haven't talked to her for almost 2 years now. i mean there
was an occassion that i would message her but she wouldn't
talk much so i jsut gave up on her. I do miss her though,
Carolynn rocks, shes an awesome girl, she always made me
laugh. I told her to message me again sometime soon since
she had to run and we didn't have much time to catch up on
things. I honestly hope she does. We had some good times
back inthe day.

My comp is just about fixed thanks to Al, just need to do
a couple more things and i think she's tit. I did DC all
by myself...well ok Jim told me how to find DC on the web
and I did and i got it all by myself! i was soo proud of
myself. the only thing is it connects then disconnects.
i 'll have to ask jim when hes around. I don't talk to Don
much, i've tried a couple of times, asked him a ? or
something but no answer...i duno what it is.

Umaine won there game last night. They played against
harvard. They kept showing Ben's family and then i
reliezed it was cuz his bro plays for harvard so they were
playing against each other. But it was all too weird!
Seeing Ben on tv, seeing his family and then they
interviewed Ben...i was kinda weirded out but then i was
like this is sooo awesome. But it was soo cute, seeing his
rents and sis...hehe. Ok...i know Ben better then alot of
other ppl know him *wink wink* I duno...i don't know how
to discribe it...but it was def. cool!

I'm craving pizza..and i think i will either wake kali and
matt up or go find serena...i think i just heard her door

luv ya