2004-03-27 10:26:56 (UTC)


today, mommy and me went for a's in mongkok. the
shop is quite small, but it's neat~
the lady had "squeezed" me blackheads!!!!u know,squeezing
means putting a needle into the pore!!! and of course,
me,very "timid" ma. a needle bor!! anyway, after the
facial,i felt really clean and cool~.(the face mask she
gave me is very cool)eventhough, having a facial is gd,
but i still decided if i go again, it will 6 months later
(at least)
daddy and mommy are leaving tmr,i gonna miss them. at that
same time, i will be also going crazy!!!(eventhough adela
will be staying with me)and alison, erica, auntie kim will
leave on wed. everybody is going to US this easter!!

Circuitous(sir CYOO i tuss)(adj.)
- talking
- -ve charge
- indirect, taking the longest route
eg the circuitous speaker talked in circles; he talked and
talked and he never go to the point!