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2004-03-27 05:01:24 (UTC)


hey whats up? 2 start out my day...in the morning got on
the bus & guess wut! mike spilt Pepsi all over MY pants!
aaaaaaaaaah i was pist! so i poured it all over
him...YAYYAAA WHAT NOW MIKE!ne who got off the bus...walked
around w/ tiff & darci...chilled w/ the 2 nikkis 4 a few!
so i go 2 my 1st per. class nuthin 2 exciting jus sowed my
skirt & sowed my teddy...hehe i suck at sowing!!!whoo! ne
who went 2 2nd per.,slept,period was over...walked out 2
lunch & i c jay in the hallz,he hands me a note & i gave
him a hug...so i was readin it on my way 2 lunch & it made
me feel like shit...the stuff he wrote,my heart dropped!
that ruined my day pretty much!jus hung out @ lunch! i had
fun lol!then went to child D. Boring! after went 2 pE yah
that class is always fun...all of us hung out & guess wut!
i got hit on! aaaah guess by what species!!! a female
aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! eeeeeew! do i look like a freakin
lezbian!!! NO SO BAK THE F*** UP OK!whoo!that was
interesting...lol!me & sarah started wrestling cuz i stole
her wallet lol..shes a funny cat lol!ne who class ended...i
went 2 the assembly,met alessa & tiff outside but YAH they
left me zee! how rude is that shit! huh huh! thanx lessa
shows how much u care mmm hmmm!alessa the weener!hehe went
to the assembly...me nikki mike sarah...it was fun...nikki
of course spacin out!lol....me i was tired...sarah looked
confuzed...mike was chillin wtf! weird combination lol!
hehe ne who after we left 2 our buses..got on the bus &
started jammin!lol...funny fun fun fun! nuthin else
really...mmmmm? sorry this is not long cuz i wrote sum
earlier & i erased it cuz im dum!

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