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silent wishes
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2004-03-27 03:35:11 (UTC)

1 phrase sums it all up...

and that would be that it has been one hell of a day.
well, atleast it made me remember the good times. ::sighs::
now i just want to cry until i pass out, take a bath and
sleep for a long time or maybe a combination of all 3.

i wont bother you with all the details, heh, it took up 6
or 7 full aim screens just to put it all down. i'll leave
it at this, my momma discovered today that the quickest way
to piss me off is to tell me i'm just like my father, i
learned that i'm gonna go buy me some new clothes this
weekend, damn if they aint gonna have chains and zippers
and buckles and i dont care what else. they're gonna be
black, red and what ever else that can possibly scare
somebody. i'm tired of getting in trouble for something
that i've done when i wasnt wrong in the 1st place and when
everybody else does the same thing, yet nobody even so much
as coughs in their general direction. i wish that i could
just hurry up and get outta here, y'know? so yea, that's
what i've done today, unintenionally piss people off, cry,
get in trouble for something i didnt do, and sleep. i miss
my boyfriend. i cant wait for sunday to come, because, as
of right now, it's been one hell of a day.

forever 17