mY sToRy
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2004-03-26 22:56:42 (UTC)

dRiFt ApArT (pOeM)

Drift Apart

When he plays the guitar
She gets so deep
She dreams on and on
He is to keep

She sees so much in him
Sweet and caring
Wild and Daring

He makes her laugh
He makes her smile
He even makes her
Wonder for a while…

Does he truly like me?
Does he even care?
Does he even see?
That I soon might not be there

It makes her think
It makes her close her eyes
And truly dream
Is he the one out of all these guys?

Is he the one?
That she has been waiting for
Is he the one?
That will open that locked door

So now she waits
For him to come
And love this girl
That loves him more than anyone

That loves him with all
Her heart
And would never let
Him and Her drift apart

^^VeRy OlD, i MeAn VeRy OlD pOeM tHaT i FoUnD oN mY dISk!
ThIs PoEm IsNt aBoUt ThAt GUy N E mOrE buT wHo CaReS, ThIs
OnE iS okAy, By:DeVo **No StEaLiNg!

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