mY sToRy
2004-03-26 22:54:22 (UTC)

No FaKe, No MiStAkE (pOeM)

**No Fake, No Mistake**

He makes me laugh
He makes me smile
He makes me happy
He makes my life worthwhile

He can make me crazy
He can make me cry
He can make me sing
He can make me sigh

I love to be around him
Even if I’m not feeling that great
He will always make me feel better
For he is my little keep sake

He’s different
Than all the other guys
His smile
Is like the sunrise

His eyes can sparkle
His face can shine
His voice can move you
For I’m glad he’s mine

I love him
And that love is true
I love him
And everything he would do

There is no turning back
He is already in my heart
His name is engraved in me
Now we will never drift apart

This one is real
This one is no fake
He is “my everything”
He is no mistake

^^oMg I tHiNk ThAt Is My FaVoRitE oNe, aHh I rEaLlE LiKe
ThaT oNe, I hOpE yOu Do ToO!! By:DeVo, **No StEaLiNg!!