mY sToRy
2004-03-26 22:50:34 (UTC)

bAsKeTbAlL pOeM...

I love it when the fans go wild
When I make that first score.
I love that awesome feeling
When I put the first points on the board.
As the ball reaches my hands
I feel a since of gratitude.
I lead my anxious team
With a positive attitude.
The nervousness in your moves,
The fire in your eyes,
The excitement in your face
The gentleness in disguise.
When you dribble down the court
Nothing is heard.
When you shoot the ball up
It soars like a bird.
The shots are going in
Like a miracle tonight.
The points get higher and higher
It’s a wonderful site.
The intensity
Is at the end.
The hope
That you’ll win.
All these feelings
Is what calls,
For me to play my sport

^^i LiKe ThAt OnE, iTs AwEsOmE, bY:dEvO,wOw Im In A wRiTiN
mOoD tOdAy! **nO sTeAlInG!!

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