mY sToRy
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2004-03-26 22:43:32 (UTC)

HoW dO u KnO wEn Ur TrUlY n LuV(pOeM)

How do you know
When you’re truly in love
How do you know
When your heart’s going to fly like a dove

Their eyes should sparkle
Their smile should be like the sunrise
You have to be able to trust them
In your stomach you should get butterflies

any minute they're not with you
you always hope you'll see them soon
theres just something that happens
when they walk into the room

You should feel like
You can tell them everything
And to be with them
You would give anything

They should be like
Your best friend
Always there for you
And will love you till the end

You should feel like
You would give up your heart
For them to live
And without them you are missing a part

They should make your heart
Beat faster and slower at the same time
And missing them
Is like a crime

They call you
Just to ask what’s wrong
They care for you
And with them you feel like you belong

Whatever your choice may be
They will follow you
And help you
With everything you choose to do

They respect you
And love you
They want you
And truly adore you

^^I lOv ThAT oNe, aNd I hAv acTuAlLy FeLt LiKe ThAt FoR
sOmEbOdY bEfOrE, BuT tHeY hAvEnT fElT lIkE tHaT fOr Me,
WeLl ThEy MiGhT hAv BuT nOt RiGhT nOw So Ya! ItS jUs LiKe
YoU sAy, LeT yOuR lOvE oUt TheRe AnD iF it DoEsNt CoMe BaK
iTs NoT mEnT tO Be!! By:DeVo! It ReAlLe WeIrD tHo AbOuT
hOw I fEeL aBoUt ThIs PeRsOn AnD i CaNt ExPlAiN iT in
WoRdS, iF tHiS iS hIm I lOv YoU!!

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