mY sToRy
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2004-03-26 22:35:36 (UTC)

10 ThInGs In YoU (pOeM)

You put the green back in my eye
You put the blue back in the sky
You put the black in the night
You turn the snow all white
You put the orange in the fire
You put the silver in the wire
You put the yellow in the sunshine
You put the red in the wine
You attached the rainbow to the gold
You put the clear in the cold
These ten things are what you do
And the ten beautiful things in you

^^kInDa A dIfFeReNt StYlE oF wRiTiN aNd I DoNt ReAlLe LikE
tHIs OnE, BuT mAyb U dO, By:DeVo, LoV yALl!!

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