mY sToRy
2004-03-26 22:32:15 (UTC)

sOmEbOdY sWeEt... are the best we have had lots of good times at
church and everywhere else!!you always make me smile and i
want u to know i am always there for you!!
U rock, God Bless

^^AHhH I lOv ThAT gIrL RaChEl! sHe Is So FuNnE, anD sO
TrUe! wE hAv So mUcH FUn At ChUrCH, dOiN eVeRYtHInG, wE
haV aLWaYs BeEn tHE oNeS fRoM tHe StArT tHeRe! i LoV tHat
CHuRcH aND BeIn TheRe WitH u AnD nAt. Ah Ha SSoO mAnY
aWeSoMe TiMeS at CaMp!! i lOv YoU mAn, Ur So SwEeT, lAtUr
mAh gATUr!!

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