goddess of imaginary light
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2004-03-26 22:10:27 (UTC)

funs not just for sinners(?)

yesterday i went to the library with lindsey and got most
of my reading done
i still have to read the marxist book...write a paper
(god knowa what thats supposed to be about)
and i have two tests next week....
this summer i plan on living here with beth and erica
hopefully to work at sterling university
but my parents wont write me back as to what they think
and it pisses me off
yeah i know youre mad i got a tattoo, but i told you
before hand and youve known that ive wanted one!!
jesus fuckin christ, its not like i got a swatika on my
forehead!! but thats how theyre treating it....
truth be told, i just dont want to spend another summer
with them...weekends i can handle easily, but more than
that can be a little crazy.
so some news, my hookup buddy got a girlfriend:(
which means thats through with...but its ok, hes a cool
guy and im sure she rocks
no developments on the mr s story...god damn i hate how
its always like this with him...
i dreamt about him last night...that we were in his bed
talking, about everything and anything...........whatever
humph, *sigh*

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