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2004-03-26 20:42:25 (UTC)

NOVEMBER 22nd 2001 2

2001-11-22 17:34:59

9 my lucky #

I am so hapy me and Kevin are back together, and Marco is
all cool with me and stuff! I think that maybe you people
should know a little bit about me, so here's one of those
online survey things that I filled out before.. I might
take out some questions cuz they are pointless so if the
numbers are messed up too bad!

(( There's no way I'm typing this :D ))

Wow, that was so much fun I can not hold my happiness in..
Ow, my neck hurts, well, I just talked to abby, shes
finally ungrounde,d hang on, phone... ok, it was tyler...
anyway, i talked to Abby, and she cut her shoulder all
up... not this crap again... *sigh* I was going to do
somethign with Amber and Jocelyn and Michelle, but I think
I might go to a movie with Abby and Jon, but I don't feel
liek doing anything today... ohhh well I'll tell them I'm
leaving early tommorow and I cant...
"If I could, then I would I'll go wherever you will go, Way
up high or down low, I'll go wherever you will go, Run away
with my heart, Run away with my hope, Run away with my
love...I know now, just quite how, My life and love might
still go on, In your heart, in your mind I'll stay with you
for all of time" ~The Calling (that song reminds me of
KEvin ...) MISTY911