POST smashed by a giant lawn knome
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2004-03-26 20:32:45 (UTC)

NOVEMBER 22nd 2001 1

2001-11-22 15:19:18

# 7 This Morn...

Well, this morning was okay I guess.. Last night I was up
till about 12 talkign to Kevin, then my brother wanted to
get online, so I went downstairs and practiced guitar for a
little while. I canplay part of "what if" by RXbandits, one
of my favorite bands. I went to bed at about 1 or so. So i
got up this morning and checked my friend marcos diary, cuz
I just KNEW i hurt him last night, but i dont know if he
read what i wrote in here when i appologized.. anyway he
wrote about how i caleld him a player and how it hurt him,
andi really am sorry. once, i called kevin a moron, cuz i
call people morons all the time, and he got mad at me.. Me
and my stupid name calling... I'm so dumb sometimes... Well
anyway, I'm really sorry Marco, and I know I don't know
you.. see? I called you a name, maybe I'm not so perfect.
Anyway, I have been through alot too, but you're older then
me so i guess it hurts you more with all this relationship
stuff.. well.. im really sorry.
So now, I am talking on ICQ, to my friends lona and calla.
its 9:08 AM, so not many people are up yet here. plus, I
went from a 304 person list to a 40 person list, cuz i
deleted all the preps off it, cuz i never talk to them, so
whats the use of being able to see thier stupid away
messages. Anyway, I'm also listening to fuel, and doing
nothign else besides that! Pretty entertaining huh? NO! Not
really! Well anyway, I guess I'll write something later!
Chao everyone! MISTY911

"shit went bad hes on the roof again she flipped he flipped
the bird and then he went to the roof where his threats
rang loud and clear, gonna jump, gonna jump, gonna die this
year." ~eve 6