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2004-03-26 20:17:51 (UTC)

NOVEMBER 21st 2001 5

2001-11-21 04:39:25

#5 I have 2 much 2 say..

Hey.. Well, yah, tonight, I was reminded of howm uch Kevin
does mean to me... =) But you all know now, as I said in
the post before this...

I seemed to have made one of my close friends, far away
from e, very upset tonight. And hes the only one who reads
this and knows its mine. So I just want to tell him, Marco,
I'm sorry, but I want you to see that I have been hurt
tonight, and it's hard for me to trust. I was jsut kidding
when Iaid that, and I hope its not the reason you left. I
want to tell you that in these past few weeks (the past 1
basically) you have been there for me alot more than alot
of my friends. You have given me some advice, tried to
cheer me up (that microscope thing was funny) and have told
me how much I mean to you. So i'm sorry if I made you mad,
I didn't mean to, I was kidding, but I'm sorry. Thank you
Marco... "Place your own love song here" There, now you can
have whatever one you want.

"Wish I had what I needed, to be on my own, cuz I feel so
defeated, and I'm feeling alone."

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