POST smashed by a giant lawn knome
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2004-03-26 19:52:24 (UTC)

NOVEMBER 21st 2001 2

2001-11-21 02:46:56

#2 UGH!!!!!!!

Great.. internal hate... or.. not hate... internal
something... the feeling in my stomach here im gonna KILL
something!!!!!! Andrew and I just got in this huge
fight.... GRRRRR .. he has been lying to me this whole
time?!?!?!? I can't believe this! He has been telling me
all this time how he loves me... I said "yah, but do you
love me like it hurts ot like "oh yah i love you u know?"
and he said it hurt... he said 'the first one... of course
i care, misty, i love you" and now i find out he doesnt
even like me!!! UGHHHHH!!! MISTY911

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