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NOVEMBER 21st 2001 1

2001-11-21 02:11:40

#1 .. jeez....

Wow, it's amy first entry, would you look at that! Lets say
im starting this b/c I am bored.. why? Cuz I have NO life!
well.. jeez.. right now I am just soooooo confused! And my
friends think I can put up with it... yah right! IM
SICK!!!! UGHHHH! I have been for the last 1 week too!

My friend Abby, "hates her parents" ... yeah right! i know
sometimes you feel like you do, but I don't think you can
enless they abuse you or something.. and hell, her parents
treat her better than mine do me... soo.. what does she
do... she tells me at lunch (we go to her house at lunch,
btw, im 14 years old) that she is gonna have sex with her
obyfriend of like... what... 2 months, JUSt to get back at
her mom... like THATS right! UGH! So in between my
boyfriend of 6 months (long distance.. we are SO in love)
and I breaking up, me liking my friend (and X) Andrew SO
much... and he likes me, but he just... AHH!!!! I'm gonna
scream! Abby will NOT stop complaining about this guy named
Adam who is a grade below us now... well she went out with
him for 1 year and 3 months, and its been 6 months since he
dumped her.. I KNOW that she should have time to be over
him, but isnt that long enough? And.. I know how bad it
hurts.. cuz my boyfriend and I met and we were ... we were
one of the best couples you could imagine... we had been
through so much, his brother moving away, both of ours
stupidity (we were on the phone crying SO hard one night)
but we fought through it, he always told me to have
faith...but on 11/14/01, it was all over. We still wanted
to remain in contact, and he is still gonna see me, but we
didnt want to be a "unit" anymore... it was just too hard..
and i agreed, it was hard, but now, when i tell him i love
him its not the same, i cant think of one billion reasons
why... But anyway, then I got my family, my brother and I
used to be HORRIBLE with each other (hes 16 now i'm 14) and
now we are getting along VERY well, and it's my parents we
BOTH have turned on. "They are like normal parents I guess,
but other times its like "'Christy! SHUT UP! GOTO YOUR
ROOM!' Oh well..." (KJD) but... they.. my mom especially..
it seems like she just hates me! More and more lately she
just yells at me for no reason, and calls me names, (snob,
snit, bitch, etc) and I don't ever do anything.. shes
always stressed out b/c her back hurts and her arm is
messed up.. well she I care about her but I'm so sick fo
hearing about it. And then my dad, well I guess he's pretty
cool. Then I have my other friends.. ALot of them are
great, I am the best advice giver out of all of them, so
they all come to me, and sure, I don't mind helping them,
but alot of times it puts more stress on me too.. . jeez...
this always happens... I could go on and write forever..
Soemtimes, life jsut doesnt make any sense.. I'll leave
now, but I'll probally be back to say more in about 1/2 an
hour, when again, I have absolutely nothing to do... =)
Thanks for listening and making it tthough this whole thign
with me instead of skipping to the bottom.. and I may seem
a boring dull person right now, but trust me, I'm not
always this boring! =)
Anywhoo... Thanks

"Is there a trrace inside your face of a lonley miracle?"