Marco Jacksonovic

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2004-03-26 18:24:21 (UTC)

This Is Getting Difficult Now....

I grow progressively more frustrated with life here in
Huddersfield. I can't make coffee, which is annoying, but
liveable - though I did try filtering it through a kitchen
towel yesterday....not good.

I can't make my mother ACTUALLY hear things that I tell
her. This is odd. In the last 10 minutes she's told me 2
things that I told her last night, having not heard me
telling her, AND accused me of getting to bed late - it
was 11.30 when I got in from the film, (Starsky & Hutch,
not brilliant, but good fun) and then about midnight I
went downstairs for a drink. I came straight back up, and
told her as I reached the top of the stairs and she
muttered something "I just went for a drink".

She told me I'd got back upstairs at one and that I hadn't
said ANYTHING. Its just beginning to annoy me now. Like
when she had a go at me for making her a meal on
Wednesday. I told her Sunday - when we were shopping and
Tuesday night that I would make her meal so she could just
heat it up when she got back, but I didn't hear the phone
when she rang, so she bought something anyway and then hit
the roof when she found my stir-fry....very nice thanks.

Oh. We'll get better, but its bloody annoying not being
able to do ANYTHING right at the moment.

Too bad? The fire making a noise. A soft roar? Something.